VORON – A Wholesome Story-Driven Adventure Game

Become a Raven in VORON

The indie video game developer Merk Games is proud to present their upcoming game VORON to all gamers worldwide. It is a third-person fantasy adventure game with a very wholesome story. Moreover, a demo version is available on Steam for everyone to try out.

VORON takes place in forgotten islands stuck on the border between two worlds. You will step inside the shoes of a raven and interact with the environment in an innovative manner. The game provides a unique experience of living as a bird. It allows you to freefall, make exhilarating turns, and have a sense of speed in the adventure.

You will also defend yourself from unexpected threats, solve puzzles and mysteries of this abandoned place, and explore the world at your own pace. The ultimate goal is to uncover the history surrounding these forgotten places.

The key features are:

– Start as a little chick and grow into a big, brave raven
– Croak, croak, and croak – you’re a raven after all!
– Feel the freedom of flying through unique control mechanics – only you decide when to flap or fold your wings!
– Discover and explore incredible new abilities like aerial acrobatics, slowing down time, and more!
– Complete tasks and help your animal friends
– Uncover secrets and solve puzzles in a mystical world whose legend is closely tied to you