BeatPunk! – A Music-Based Roguelike Bullet Heaven Game

Compose Deadly Music in BeatPunk!

Reçel Games featured their upcoming game BeatPunk! on Indie Sunday yesterday. The developer announced that they have updated the demo version of the game with new features. This includes a complete visual overhaul, evolved enemy types, better enemy progression, and skill balancing. They have also added Jukeboxes instead of passive upgrades that affect the music, new sounds, and more.


If you are not familiar with this game, don’t worry because we got your back. BeatPunk! is a top-down arena shooter roguelike game with bullet heaven elements. The game takes place in the distant future where the demand for musical entertainment has evolved.

People start to realize that the musicians are fighting for their lives while producing the most unique songs. They fight against hordes of killer robots to prove their worth in the world.

You will step into the shoes of one of these musicians and try to survive by composing deadly songs. There are a variety of weapons, traits, and sounds, and every choice will result in a different song and playstyle. The game features 8 instruments, with 2 variants and 3 evolutions for each. You will discover 16 skills and over 150 sound combinations to compose and take down the robots.

Moreover, the game will launch on Steam in partnership with the publisher Next in Game sometime in 2023.