Ablaze Free Demo Version Is Available on Steam

Step Inside the World of Ablaze

Get ready to harness the power of teamwork! The free demo version of ElegantHorse’s Studios’s upcoming title Ablaze is live now on Steam. It is a 2-player co-op action-adventure game. Players will throw and activate objects to solve puzzles and tumble over obstacles to save adorable sheep. All the while taking down the troublemaking fire spirits called Scorch.


Ablaze takes place in the fantasy land of Windfall. During the midsummer celebration, Eris, a fisherman, saved a sheep that fell from an airship. He takes the sheep back to his owner Calla, a shepherdess. Together, they formed a bond by a twist of fate that brought them together.

However, as the celebration continued, a meteor exploded in the sky. Its fragments ignited the heavens and even destroyed the Temple of Nerus. Shocked by these events, Calla and Eris went to the burning temple to take control of the disaster.

As they reach the temple, they witness the sacred pearl being shattered, and the emergence of Scorch, a troublesome fire spirit that seeks power from Loa Volcano. Calla and Eris must stop him at all costs.

The key features of the game are:

– 2-player coop

– Fun Physics and Ragdolls

– Flammable and Extinguishable world

– Solve puzzles to Save Sheep from danger!

– Keyboard and Controller support

– Ultra-wide support

Check out the official cinematic gameplay trailer below.