The Last of Us Multiplayer Gets Status Update

The Last of Us Update Provided by Twitter Post Hinting at Ongoing Efforts on Troubled Project

The game director of Naughty Dog, Vinit Agarwal, has provided an update on the status of the highly anticipated but troubled The Last of Us multiplayer game. As reported by Eurogamer, Agarwal addressed the project in a recent tweet while initially discussing Super Mario Bros. Wonder. He wanted to clarify that he was still actively involved in the development of the game, providing some reassurance for fans eagerly awaiting its release.

Agarwal’s tweet stated, “So this tweet can live on in peace… yes, I’m still working on that game.” While he did not explicitly mention “The Last of Us” multiplayer, the context makes it clear that he was referring to this project.

This confirmation follows reports from six months ago that indicated the game had encountered significant setbacks during its development at Naughty Dog. Sony, leveraging the multiplayer expertise of its recently acquired studio, Bungie, conducted an analysis of Naughty Dog’s work. Ultimately, it was determined that the game would benefit from additional time and resources to achieve the desired quality and long-term viability.

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The decision to delay and reassess the project followed a Bloomberg report that had raised questions about the game’s quality and future prospects. The report suggested that only a small group of developers were actively working on it. Given the substantial time that had passed since Naughty Dog initially began working on the game, there was growing skepticism that it would ever be completed or released.

Agarwal’s recent tweet provides a glimmer of hope for those anticipating The Last of Us multiplayer, as it suggests ongoing efforts to bring the game to fruition. However, it’s essential to note that this message is not an official statement from Naughty Dog or Sony regarding the game’s future. Despite the game’s 10-year anniversary for the original PlayStation 3 version passing without substantial updates on its development, Agarwal’s message signifies continued dedication to the project.