The Book Will Open Its Demo in December

Let the Book Guide You

Get ready to discover some hidden mysteries in an unknown world! The solo indie developer Steph Indie Games has announced that the demo version of The Book is arriving in December. It will be available on PC via Steam. Furthermore, the game will be coming out in Q3 2024.

The Book

The Book is a first-person shooter game with fast-paced action inspired by retro titles such as Doom. It takes place in a world of pirates and fantasy creatures where the time is frozen still. You find yourself trapped in this world with nothing in hand besides an old book. The worst part is that you don’t have any recollection of how you got hold of it.

The only thing that you are sure of is that it will help you defeat all the treats you meet. Embark on an epic journey to escape this fantasy world with guidance from the old book. Combine magic crystals with retro technology to craft powerful weapons. Or, upgrade them if the firepower is not enough. Change between your favorite guns, throw your awesome grenade, and swing your mysterious sword to take down all the enemies.

If you are a fan of fast-paced first-person games with simple graphics, you should definitely keep an eye out for this title. Also, check out the gameplay trailer below to build up the hype.