Stray Souls Received a Massive Patch on PC and Consoles

Stray Souls Is Getting a Huge Revamp

Get ready for a whole new level of horror! Developer Jukai Studio and publisher Versus Evil have launched an immense patch for their psychological horror game Stray Souls. It is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

This is the first patch of the game since its launch on 25 October 2023 and addresses common performance and gameplay issues across all the platforms. Additionally, it also improves the quality of life aspects of mechanics including the jumpscares, aiming and boss fight encounters.

Stray Souls

The fixes included are as follows:

– Re-recorded mocap for face idle animations for both Daniel and Martha.
– Adjusted the leg pull jumpscare camera, resolving the bug that caused it to occur before the breaker room cutscene, eliminating illogical confusion.
– Daniel no longer sways while aiming the gun. Improved the random grandmother peeking sequence and reduced their frequency to avoid repetition.
– Overhauled visuals, representation, and camera issues for the grandmother jumpscare.
– Fixed the inability to aim and shoot during the wendigo (first) boss fight.
– Adjusted the difficulty of the wendigo (first) boss fight.
– Adjusted flashlight brightness on some levels.
– Re-recorded exaggerated Martha bump animations and overhauled the entire system to make it feel more natural.
– Fixed Martha’s absence at the family gravestone before the cutscene starts.
– Added a hint to the note in the graveyard to make it easier to find (now more prominent in the environment).
– Updated audio levels for voices and conducted a sweep through all cutscenes to balance the audio levels.
– Adjusted audio levels for all enemies.
– Fixed subtitles font sizes.
– Fixed the crash when dying in the first wendigo boss fight. (Xbox One)