Seagate’s Black Friday Xbox Deals Bring Storage Bliss

Unlock More Gaming Space and Save Big on Seagate Xbox Expansion Cards

As the library of exceptional games for Xbox Series X|S continues to grow, the demand for additional storage space becomes paramount. Seagate’s Black Friday deals bring an enticing solution, offering significant discounts on their Xbox Expansion Cards, providing gamers with an opportunity to expand and enhance their gaming experience.

Seagate Xbox Expansion Card Deals:

  • 2TB Model: $230 (was $300)
  • 1TB Model: $130 (was $150)

Both the 1TB and 2TB models are currently available at their lowest prices ever, making it an opportune moment to address your storage needs. With Xbox Game Pass offering an extensive library of games, the built-in SSD of the Xbox Series X|S can quickly reach capacity. Seagate’s Expansion Cards, rarely on sale, provide a seamless and high-performance solution to this storage challenge.


The Xbox Expansion Card is a plug-and-play upgrade, effortlessly fitting into the dedicated slot on the back of your Xbox Series X|S. It ensures indistinguishable performance from the native SSD, supporting Quick Resume for a smooth transition between titles. With a three-year limited warranty, users can enjoy peace of mind alongside expanded storage.

If you’re eyeing the 2TB capacity, this Black Friday deal presents an excellent opportunity to future-proof your gaming setup. Notably, Seagate’s Expansion Card is the exclusive option for 2TB capacity. However, for those considering the 1TB option, the WD Black C50 Expansion Card is also available for $125, down from $150, offering an additional choice while being officially licensed.

It’s crucial to emphasize that Seagate’s and Western Digital’s Xbox Expansion Cards are the only choices for expanding storage without compromises. While the Series X|S supports traditional portable drives, the ability to play Xbox Series X games directly from external drives is restricted. Expansion Cards, on the other hand, enable you to play all your games seamlessly.

As you gear up for Black Friday, consider seizing this opportunity to upgrade your Xbox Series X|S storage with Seagate’s Expansion Cards. Additionally, explore other Black Friday Xbox deals, including discounts on controllers and a plethora of game titles to elevate your gaming setup. Unlock more space, enhance your gaming library, and immerse yourself in an extended world of gaming possibilities.