Honeycomb: The World Beyond Unveils Info On Upcoming Release

Massive Updates 

The time between a game’s announcement and its inevitable release is full of developments. During this crucial time, developers make choices about the direction of their game, including a suspected release date. However, that doesn’t always hold, and for good reason. Today, Frozen Way studio announced a delay in the release of their upcoming adventure sandbox game, Honeycomb: The World Beyond. Delayed until Q3 of 2024, the developers are ensuring that the game will be properly released to every platform at the same time. Yet, the delay isn’t all in the name of fairness. A press release delves into more info on the updates being made to the game. Additionally, a new trailer allows players to get a glimpse of the game’s world of Sota7.


Honeycomb: The World Beyond introduced players to a mysterious and uninhabited planet. As pioneers, players will explore the world of Sota7, conducting bioengineering experiments and constructing bases to operate. Additionally, players will be able to conduct research and explore the world around them. Sota7 is huge and there are many mysteries to uncover. Of course, research will play a significant part in your exploration. As such, the central location of a player’s base is the laboratory. Here, players can deposit collected resources and experiment with new fauna and flora species.

Because of the delay, the developers are polishing Honeycomb: The World Beyond. Importantly, players can get a look at the game in the new trailer. Check out what awaits you on Sota7 in the trailer below. 

Honeycomb: The World Beyond is set to release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2024. In addition to the polishing of the game, players can also expect some more details including subtitles. So, are you ready to explore a world beyond?