RESISTOR First Look Gameplay Trailer Is Here

Resist the System

Developer Long Way Home and publisher PQube have finally released the first look gameplay trailer of their upcoming ‘CARPG’ title RESISTOR. It demonstrates how the game blends cinematic, character-focused storytelling with open-world, high-speed, stunt-filled racing.

This fresh trailer also presents character and vehicle customization, along with the combat system. In this sneak peek, Aster takes the wheel of multiple extensively modified variants of the R180 ‘STAGNUM’. She zips across bustling desert highways, deftly maneuvering through a vast industrial complex, and skillfully navigating intricate subterranean tunnels.

The story of the game takes place in 2060 when the world’s governments have already destroyed one another. Now, powerful corporations preside over self-contained city-states. In these urban metropolises, citizens enjoyed luxurious comfort, far removed from the harsh realities of the scattered communities. These people outside the urban areas scrape a living in the unending desert wastelands.

To maintain their “competitive but friendly” image, the corporations host an annual racing tournament for the masses. The best teams and most daring challengers compete against one another in a series of high-speed death races. The ultimate prize is a one-way ticket to permanent citizenship, and a better life, inside the cities.

Dekker Industries sponsors Aster to take part in the race and for her, it is an opportunity to secure the vital healthcare needed to save their ailing mother. However, this competition turns into a war to smash the corporations.

RESISTOR will launch on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.