Rack And Slay, Billiards Roguelike, “Cues” Up A Public Demo

Rack Them Up, Knock Them Down

Billiards is kind of a roguelike in and of itself. Right? Well, now it actually is. Prepare to step into a world of monsters, traps, and billiard balls. Today, developer Ludokultur and publisher 2 Left Thumbs are happy to announce the launch of a public demo for their in-development roguelike game, Rack and Slay. Presenting players with a “just-for-fun” roguelike, the game uses billiard game mechanics to develop an interesting take on the genre. Now, for the first time, players can take a journey into the dungeons of this billiard roguelike in the public demo. Additionally, players can check out a reveal trailer for the game to see it in action.

Rack and Slay

Rack and Slay invites players to take control of a billiard ball as they navigate a dungeon. Importantly, the game combines elements of billiards with the procedural generation and infinite replayability of a roguelike. For instance, players are able to choose different upgrades to power up their cue ball as they delve into different dungeons. Of course, every run will provide players with different opportunities to try out power-ups. Furthermore, the short and sweet runs aim to provide players with plenty of time to learn the game’s mechanics. 

Gamers can get a look at Rack and Slay’s turn-based gameplay in the reveal trailer. Check out the trailer below. 


Rack and Slay is releasing in Q1 of 2024 on PC via Steam. So, are you ready to rack up and slay your way through a myriad of dungeons?