Path of Titans Unleashes Epic Combat Update

Path of Titans Reveals New Dinosaur and More in Combat Update

Alderon Games has just dropped a colossal combat update for Path of Titans, complete with a new aquatic dinosaur, the Eurhinosaurus. The star of the show is the Eurhinosaurus, known for its massive upper jaw, twice the length of its lower jaw. Additionally, Eurhinosaurus is adorned with menacing up and down-pointing teeth.

This update has brought the official dinosaur count to 31, with 25 featuring new abilities, totalling 43 new abilities across the board. Path of Titans now boasts a whopping 400 abilities, promising intense gameplay.

The combat update is a true game-changer, introducing abilities like Pounce, Latch, Drag, and Carry, significantly enhancing the combat experience. Players can now engage in Shake Off counters, Area of Effect Attacks, Group Buffs, and Debuffs, Solo Player Buffs, and Rapid Attacks. The Rock, Paper, Scissors dynamic of attacks and counters has doubled, catering to both one-on-one battles and massive group clashes.

Path of titans

Dinosaurs like Sarcosuchus can now drag prey underwater, raptors can pounce and latch onto enemies, and Thalassodromeus can swoop in to pick up small prey and carry it away.

The star of the update, the Eurhinosaurus, was a gargantuan sea creature that could reach up to 7 meters in length. Unlike fish, it had lungs for breathing, making it a unique predator.

The full update package includes a range of new features, such as NVidia Ansel updates, a music system that reacts dynamically to gameplay, and various optimizations for improved performance. The Path of Titans update is now available on PC, mobile, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. Dive into the world of prehistoric combat and adventure!