Morels: The Hunt 2 Will Exploring on Steam in 2024

Feel the Nature in Morels: The Hunt 2

The indie game developer Abrams Studio has announced that their upcoming title Morels: The Hunt 2 will launch in 2024. The game will be available exclusively on PC via Steam. So, get ready for a breathtaking journey to collect a variety of mushrooms, photograph animals, and complete weekly tasks.

Morels: The Hunt 2

Morels: The Hunt 2 is a relaxing simulation game about mushroom hunting and wildlife photography. It is also a sequel to the highly acclaimed 2019 title Morels: The Hunt. In the game, your main task is to find as many mushrooms as you can. All the while capturing captivating photographs of the wildlife that you come across.

The game will start in the southeast region of the United States and all the players will get 100 days per season. They can explore and unlock new regions and discover hidden secrets of hunting mushrooms as well as a few surprises. Players will also earn points with each hunt and their Mushroom Hunter level will increase.

There are seven unique maps in the game, each with a distinct terrain and adventure of its own. There are tons of collectibles like a crustal skull and robot parts. Not only that, players will even encounter mythological characters like the Big Foot. Moreover, they can also buy valuable items in the shop such as bug sprays, first aid kits, raincoats, etc. that will help them in their adventure.

Additionally, the game features other modes where players can explore as an animal. Unlock new animals and have fun, however, this mode does not count towards achievements or records.

Take a look at the official reveal trailer below.