Legend of Edda: Pegasus – Next Big Update Coming Soon

Slay the Raid Boss

The indie game studio IndigoWare has announced the release date of Dragon Lord Update for Legend of Edda: Pegasus. It will launch on PC via Steam on 4 November 2023. This upcoming update will bring new life into the mythical MMORPG and introduce the first raid boss. Team up with your allies and brace yourselves for this epic battle against Pakeda, the formidable snow dragon.

Legend of Edda: Pegasus

Additionally, the XP system of the game got a huge revamp. Main quests will now provide a substantial amount of XP. Players adventuring together in a party will also enjoy an additional XP boost. Every fresh character they meet in the game will have a chance to drop potent XP-boosting potions. Overall, the progress will be way swifter than before.

Legend of Edda: Pegasus is a Greek mythology-themed MMORPG that is inspired by classic titles. The game takes place in the Heroic Age of Greece, amidst the war between the Olympian Gods and the Titans. Players must pick a side and go out on an epic quest in a world full of magic and challenges.

The key features are:

– Dynamic Character Classes: Choose to play as a Fighter, Rogue, or Mage – each with a unique playstyle.

– Beasts, Duels & Colosseum: Face powerful monsters or engage in PvP combat for even greater challenges. For the ultimate test, enter the prestigious Colosseum and earn fantastic rewards.

– Evolving Gameplay: Acquire loyal pet companions, and refine your equipment through crafting, enchantments, and more to personalize your own strategy.

– An Epic Confrontation: Prepare for the Grand Sacred War. This epic clash is the pinnacle of your journey and unites warriors from both sides. The outcome could shape the fate of the entire realm!