Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Unveils Season Pass

Embark on an Extended Avatar Journey with Ubisoft’s Season Pass, Offering Two Expansions and Exclusive Launch Quest

Ubisoft has announced that Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, set to release on December 7, will feature a Season Pass providing players with additional content and an exclusive bonus quest available at launch. Associate Creative Director Andrada Greciuc confirmed the exciting news in a trailer, detailing the enriching post-launch experiences awaiting players.

The Season Pass, priced at an additional $40 / £24.99, can be acquired as part of the game’s Gold Edition, available for $109.99 / £94.99, which includes extra content. While Ubisoft has not officially confirmed a standalone purchase option, it is highly likely to be offered separately. For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate experience, an Ultimate Edition is available for $129.99 / £114.99.

For players who opt to invest in the Season Pass for Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the benefits extend beyond mere access to future expansions. The exclusive perks offered, such as the Resistance Equipment Pack gear set and the Resistance Banshee Cosmetic Set, are designed to enrich and elevate the overall gaming experience from the very start.

The first story pack, titled “The Sky Breaker,” is scheduled for to be re;eased in summer 2024. This expansion will immerse players in the nomadic Zeswa clan’s journey into unexplored regions of the Upper Plains. However, their peaceful gathering takes a dramatic turn when a mysterious shadow interrupts the grand assembly of clans.

Following in the fall of 2024, the second story pack, “Secrets of the Spires,” introduces a completely new region ripe for exploration. Players will be tasked with halting the destructive mining activities of the Resources Development Administration, revealing a captivating narrative as they strive to protect the pristine landscapes from exploitation. The Season Pass promises an extended and captivating adventure for Avatar enthusiasts eager to dive deeper into the Frontiers of Pandora.