Microsoft Releases Xbox Credit Card

Xbox Owners Can Now Use a Console Credit Card

Microsoft has partnered with Barclays to create the Xbox Mastercard, which is a credit card that allows cardholders to make purchases on whatever they want, with Barclays providing the funds up front and the user paying their statement each month to avoid interest charges, late fees, and other expenses. The card also comes with a variety of bonuses and perks for spending, which are themed around gaming and entertainment. The Xbox Mastercard is available in the US only, and as of right now, only Xbox Insiders are eligible.

The Xbox Insider program is free and open to everyone, and in addition to perks like being the first to get an Xbox Mastercard, it also lets you test Xbox updates before everyone else, among other perks. To get started, first join the Xbox Insider program, sign in with your account details on the Xbox Mastercard website, and then complete the applications at Barclays’ website. If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a card and can start shopping and accumulating points. The Xbox Mastercard allows users to earn “card points” on their purchases, and the categories for the Xbox Mastercard are themed around gaming and entertainment.

The card points can be redeemed on games and add-ons at The Xbox Mastercard is rolling out in waves, so if you’re not invited right away, keep checking back. The card will become available to the general public in 2024