Deathbound Gets Combative in New Teaser Trailer

Steel and Magic 

A world ruined by malicious sciences and zealous faith leads to some dangerous and brutal consequences. As such, players are going to need to know how to fight. Luckily, when one is refused by death, there is a lot of time to get good at the art of combat. Today, Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio are excited to show off the combat for their upcoming soulslike, Deathbound, in a new teaser trailer. Importantly, the game introduces players to a techno-medieval world full of monstrosities. Interestingly, the game combines soulslike combat and interesting playstyle-shifting mechanics. In addition to the new trailer, a press release provides players with more details on the game. 


Deathbound invites players to enter the world of Ziêminal. Here, the city of Akratya is being ripped apart. Horrendous monsters roam the streets, a result of terrible and dark sciences. Yet, religious zealots stalk the streets and aim to cleanse the city. Now, players play as a warrior with the power to use the powers of fallen warriors. Of course, players can get a look at this power in the new teaser trailer. 

The trailer shows off several of the mighty warriors that players can use in Deathbound. For instance, view the mighty Agharos and his skull-crushing hammer, or the lightning-wielding Olivia. Additionally, players with a quick eye for the combat arts may notice the morphstrikes. These special attacks combine the abilities of all fallen warriors and may turn the tide of a losing battle. 

Deathbound is planned for release in 2024 for PC via Steam