Super Mario RPG Remake Will Get a Newly Arranged Soundtrack

Super Mario RPG’s Remake Will Get a Newly Composed Soundtrack

Super Mario RPG, the Super Nintendo classic, will be released on the Switch in November with updated graphics and cinematics that give the game a fresh look. That’s not all, as highlighted by Nintendo Europe’s social media account, there’ll be the option to swap between the “original” 1996 Super Nintendo soundtrack and the newly-arranged Switch music. This kind of content has become a staple among video game remakes that remix their soundtracks since players will likely be fans of the original titles. Indeed, this is a great feature for fans of the original game who want to experience the nostalgia of the classic soundtrack, as well as for those who want to enjoy the newly-arranged music.

Nintendo has released a video showcasing the difference between the two soundtracks, featuring the levels Bandit’s Way and Forest Maze. After clearing the game, players will be able to listen to their favorite tracks in the Sound Player section. This is a great feature for those who want to relive the game’s memorable music. To top it off, veteran composer Yoko Shimomura will be returning, with one of her standout songs being ‘Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms’, which is the track that plays in Forest Maze. 

This is exciting news for fans of the game who appreciate the music and the composer’s work.In conclusion, the release of Super Mario RPG on the Switch is a highly anticipated event for fans of the game. The updated graphics and cinematics, along with the option to switch between the classic and newly-arranged soundtracks, make this a must-play for both new and old fans alike. The addition of the Sound Player section and the return of veteran composer Yoko Shimomura add even more excitement to the release.