Spin Rhythm XD Plays Its Music on Nintendo Switch Today

Turn up the Music

The indie game studio Super Spin Digital is releasing its electronic music rhythm game Spin Rhythm XD on Nintendo Switch today. It is available now on the Nintendo eShop for $24.99 USD right now. It was originally released for PC via Steam back on 14 Mar 2023 and has garnered ‘Overwhelming Positive’ reviews from all the players.

Moreover, this game is a homage to classic arcade rhythm games like Guitar Hero and DDR, with a modern aesthetic and soundtrack.

Spin Rhythm XD

In Spin Rhythm XD, players will match colors and beats, by spinning, tapping, flicking, and scratching through the music. The game features very fluid controls, hand-crafted levels, and beautiful backgrounds. There is also a huge emphasis on accessibility, customization, and competition through global leaderboards.

Additionally, the developer is launching the first-ever DLC of the game today on both platforms in collaboration with Monstercat. It includes a curated selection of 10 tracks featuring nostalgic beats. And also includes popular Monstercat classics and hidden gems, an exclusive wheel skin, and more.

Check out the key features of the game:

– Kinetic rhythm action game focusing on musical gestures, flow, and rhythmic taps.
– Actions such as spin, flick, scratch, and tap to match colors and beats.
– Smooth controls that work seamlessly across Joy-Cons, gamepad, touch screen, and even keyboard and mouse on Switch!
– Precise, hand-made charts across 5 difficulties.
– Local multiplayer up to 4 players – each player can play their own difficulty level!
– Incredible reactive backgrounds that synchronize with the music.
– Over 60 licensed and original tracks from a variety of artists and genres.
– Comprehensive accessibility options include custom colors, track speeds, low-impact visuals, and more.
– Global leaderboards and over 40 achievements.