Deathbound Shows Off Life and Death in Character Trailers

A Church and a Cult Both Deathbound

Welcome to a world where fallen warriors aren’t out of the fight. A world where immortality is a possibility and malicious sciences and zealous faith tear society asunder. Now, it’s time to meet some of the characters from the oppressive Church of Death and the uneasy Cult of Life. Today, Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio are showing off some of the playable faces players can expect to see in their upcoming soulslike, Deathbound. Showing off both factions of playable characters, two new trailers allow players to see which characters they will be using in the fast-paced combo-based combat of the game. Additionally, the trailers provide the motivations for each of the showcased characters. 


Deathbound invites players to enter the world of Ziêminal. In this world, the great city of Akratya is being torn apart. Horrendous monsters roam the streets and fanatics look to bring death at every turn. Importantly, players will embark on a crusade to cleanse the city from the grasp of these nightmares. As such, they will use the power of death to bring life. Deathbound allows players to summon the powers of fallen warriors to fight, swapping between them for devastating combos. 

Of course, players can check out both of the new trailers for a look at the characters playable in the game. For instance, view the Cult of Life trailer to see Anna Lepus, Haodai Tehkri, and Iulia Tchevlaskia, in action. Additionally, view the trailer below and the Church of Death trailer here

Deathbound is planned for release in 2024 for PC via Steam