Sonic Superstars Gets Its First Review

Reception for Sonic Superstars is on the Way

We stand on the cusp of a momentous occasion – Sonic the Hedgehog is about to make his triumphant return to the 2D platforming realm, a genre that cemented his iconic status. Although Sonic Superstars isn’t strictly a two-dimensional adventure, it pays homage to the classic side-scrolling style that endeared Sonic to countless fans. Our first hands-on encounter with the game at Summer Game Fest left us with a profound sense of anticipation, sparking curiosity about whether the wait for this installment has been worthwhile.

In keeping with tradition, Famitsu, the esteemed Japanese gaming publication, has issued its review, preceding evaluations from outlets worldwide. The initial feedback seems to augur well for Sonic aficionados, and we extend our appreciation to Ryokuta2089 for bringing this to our attention (Thanks, Gematsu).

Their customary review format, featuring a panel of four reviewers, delivered a unanimous score of 8/10 across the board, yielding a commendable aggregate score of 32/40.

This optimistic assessment is heartening, particularly in light of prior reservations concerning Arzest, the game’s developer (known for titles like “Hey! Pikmin” and “Balan Wonderworld”), and their ability to deliver a 2D platformer befitting Sonic’s illustrious 16-bit legacy. It’s worth noting that Arzest’s Executive Vice President, Naoto Ohshima, shares a personal connection to this project as the original character designer of Sonic himself.

The much-anticipated launch date is set for the 17th of October, and undoubtedly, we will soon hear the verdicts and assessments from other gaming outlets. This collective feedback will offer a comprehensive insight into Sonic Superstars and its standing within the cherished legacy of the Sonic franchise. While the franchise has gained an unfortunate reputation for releasing polarizing and controversial titles, Sonic Superstars appears to be more on the acclaimed side of the reception spectrum.