Composer David Wise Hired for Upcoming Title ‘Lucid’

Veteran Composer Hired for Upcoming Title

Publisher Apogee Entertainment and the talented solo developer, Eric Manahan, have jointly unveiled an exciting update regarding their upcoming Metroidvania game, humorously referred to as ‘Celestoidvania’ by some. With a slated release date on the Nintendo Switch in 2025, this promising project, called Lucid, is already making waves by achieving a remarkable 207% of its funding target.

Adding to the anticipation, the game has secured the services of the esteemed composer David Wise, who boasts an impressive legacy in the realm of Nintendo-published titles. Wise’s past credits include iconic works on games like Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Star Fox Adventures, guaranteeing a memorable and evocative musical experience in “Lucid.”

Despite the 2025 launch date being some time away, the details unveiled about “Lucid” thus far have generated significant excitement. Apogee Entertainment offers this enticing description of the game:

“Enter a flow state while hunting for the Lucid Giant’s heart across shimmering caverns, snow-covered ridges, and barren badlands. String together Crystal Arts for double-jump and airdash-fueled maneuvers to access out-of-reach areas. Hot-swap abilities on the fly to unleash heavy-hitting special attacks against evasive enemies and behemoth-sized bosses.”

While a specific release date remains to be pinpointed, eager fans can anticipate more news in the upcoming weeks and months. Furthermore, there is still a brief window to contribute to the game’s Kickstarter campaign if you wish to be part of its creation and success.

In summary, the synergy between Apogee Entertainment and Eric Manahan, combined with the inclusion of David Wise’s musical genius, propels “Lucid” into the spotlight as a Metroidvania adventure with substantial financial backing and tremendous promise. The game’s description teases a captivating and versatile gameplay experience, which fans can look forward to as the 2025 release date draws nearer.