Silent Hope Makes Some Noise With Launch Today

A Hero, A Silent Hope

It’s time to jump into a fantasy world engulfed in silence. A tyrant has stolen the speech of his subjects and cast the world into silent darkness. Yet, hope remains. Prepare to be a hero. Today, XSEED Games is happy to announce that their dungeon-crawling RPG, Silent Hope, is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch. An homage to the golden era of dungeon crawlers, the game invites players to take on the role of seven unique heroes. A press release provides some more noise on the release of the game. Additionally, a new launch trailer gives players a direct look at the game itself. 

Silent Hope

Silent Hope introduces players to seven brave heroes. Interestingly, each hero comes with their own weapon, unique fighting style, and even their own out-of-party profession. Furthermore, the Princess, the daughter of the former king, has imbued each hero with special powers to take on the tyrant and restore the voices of the people. Of course, in order to stop the current tyrant, players will need to take the party on journeys into the abyss. Interestingly, each journey into the abyss will be a different experience due to the procedural generation of each expedition. Additionally, each expedition brings new rewards and more dangerous challenges. 

Importantly, players can check out the new launch trailer for Silent Hope for a look at the game. View the trailer below. 

Silent Hope is out now on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam