La Tale Releases Huge Giveaways for New and Returning Players

Fresh Contents Await in La Tale

The beloved 2D side-scrolling fantasy MMORPG La Tale is setting the stage for an exciting new experience. Developer Actoz Soft and publisher Papaya Play just unleashed the latest Elysia update of the game. This highly anticipated quarterly content expansion comes along with new features designed to enhance both new user and returning user promotions.

La Tale

In this amazing update, new and returning adventurers will unearth a trove of in-game quests. Each brimming with the promise of uncovering rare and extraordinary items. This extensive promotion provides new users with access to 34 distinct items. Returning players can select from 21 enticing items to enhance their journey in Elysia.

All the loyal veterans of La Tale are not forgotten either. These adventurers will receive a distinctive loyal package. Moreover, during the Halloween season, special rewards await all who log in throughout the event, available until November 1st (PDT).

Elysia also brings the largest fashion inventory expansion to date with over 230 new fashion items to the store. Furthermore, the game’s premium gacha system received a big upgrade. The price got reduced and debuts charming Patchwork Sheepy Pet, stylish fashion, and captivating title books.

The game’s mount system experiences a significant overhaul, bringing a thrill with the introduction of Mechanical Angel Wings. Players can also explore all the details of this update by visiting the official website of Papaya Play.