Cooking Simulator Sushi-Themed DLC Announced

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In this exciting Cooking Simulator update, players are set to embark on a fresh culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Japan. With a new location comes a tantalizing array of new dishes and ingredients to explore. Japan, renowned for its delectable offerings centered around fish, rice, and vegetables, especially sushi, takes center stage in this flavorful adventure. The epicenter of this culinary discovery is a charming sushi bar nestled amidst the bustling streets of Tokyo, beckoning passersby to experience the wonders of Japanese cuisine.

Big Cheese Studio places great emphasis on delivering a truly authentic culinary experience within the virtual realm. As a result, the sushi bar in this expansion closely mimics the appearance and ambiance of the local street food stalls found in the heart of Tokyo. An array of new equipment makes its debut, including a rice machine and an assortment of specialized knives. Furthermore, an exciting new gameplay mechanic introduces the art of precision in cutting and assembling sushi. The primary objective for players is to cater to the desires and demands of the sushi bar’s discerning clientele while generating income to procure superior-quality ingredients.

The introduction of the Sushi DLC is a tribute to the ardent Cooking Simulator community who have wholeheartedly embraced the initial release and its various expansions. The decision to venture into the world of Japanese cuisine was met with enthusiastic approval.

Big Cheese Studio has previously enriched the core game with five DLCs, each offering unique experiences and transporting players to diverse settings. These include a mode inspired by the renowned Food Network programs, an authentic Italian restaurant complete with a pizza oven, a charming bakery, and even the opportunity to concoct culinary delights within an underground bunker.