Time Survivors: Chapter 0 Steam Launch Date Announced

This Is the Free Chapter 0 to Time Survivors

Lunar Chili just announced the release date for Time Survivors: Chapter 0. This title will be free-to-play and serve as a prelude to the upcoming game Time Survivors. It will launch on Steam on 18 September. The developer describes the game as, “The Most Historically Inaccurate Roguelike Ever Made”.

Time Survivors: Chapter 0

The game takes place in a world where time travel is possible, and players take on the role of legendary historical characters as they battle through different time periods. This includes Lincoln, Tesla, Cleopatra, and many more. Each character has their own unique ability, which can be used to defeat enemies and progress through the game.

For example, Nikola Tesla wields electrifying electrodes to create shocking paths that zap your enemies. Oda Nobunaga can transform into a nimble flying ninja robot, while Abe Lincoln can summon defensive barriers crafted from cherry trees.

In addition to the unique abilities, Time Survivors: Chapter 0 also features a tree-based meta-progression system. This system allows players to unlock and upgrade characters, weapons, and stages using gold and resources collected during their runs. This allows players to customize their experience and create their own unique builds.

So, prepare yourself for amazing battles against a wide range of enemies and amazing power-ups. With its awesome 2.5D pixel graphics along with its original soundtrack, Chapter 0 will be one action-packed adventure game. And make sure to check out the abilities trailer below.