Rogue Cards Released for PC on Steam- Check It Out Now!

Enjoy a Medieval Fantasy World in Rogue Cards

This is a happy news for all the card games lovers. Dapper Grim Studios just released their new title Rogue Cards. The game is officially available for purchase on Steam at just $13.49 USD with a 10% launch discount right now. This offer will end soon on 22 September.

Rogue Cards

Rogue Cards is a roguelite deck-builder card game filled with endless choice and dry humor. The game takes place in a randomized fantasy medieval world and every playthrough is a unique experience and involves a long-term outcome.

Players must master the art of strategy, and creating a deck like no one has ever done. And finally, earn the title of a legendary deck master and challenge The Outsider, a god of the Outer Planes.

Here are the key features of the game:

-Roguelite deckbuilding gameplay that keeps you coming back for more
-A unique graveyard mechanic that challenges your tactical and strategic skills
-Character and deck development across multiple runs, creating a truly personalized experience
-A vast array of cards with endless combinations ensures that no two games are alike
-Deck management tools that allow you to adapt to every encounter
-Ultra rare cards obtained from boss encounters, providing game-changing effects
-Challenging tactical and strategic gameplay with multi-stage monsters and unique boss battles
-Adjustable difficulty perks for players seeking the ultimate challenge

Make sure to check out the launch trailer below.