Ghostrunner 2 Launching New Demo Today

A Dystopian Demo

It’s almost time for your first adventure into the new Dharma Tower and beyond. This time, you’ll be taking on some cultists and hopping on a motorcycle for some highspeed action. Today, publisher 505 Games and developer One More Level are happy to announce the arrival of a new demo for their upcoming game, Ghostrunner 2. Allowing players their first taste of the new game, the demo gives players a chance to try out the lightning-fast gameplay and new abilities of the sequel. A blog post goes into more detail about the demo. Additionally, a new trailer for the demo gives players a look into the world of the game. 

Ghostrunner 2

Ghostrunner 2 re-introduces players to the world of Ghostrunner. Only in this adventure, players will, not only, be adventuring through the streets of the Dharma Tower but in the wastelands beyond. Once again, players assume the role of cybernetic ninja, Jack. As Jack players will once again slaughter their way through this dystopian world. However, in this sequel, players will have access to brand-new abilities that will play a pivotal role in their journey. For instance, players can use the deadly shurikens, the grappling hook, and even a powerful sensory boost. 

Of course, players can download the new demo for a chance to test out the game. Additionally, players can get a look at the demo in the new trailer for it. View the trailer below. 

Ghostrunner 2 is launching on, SteamPlayStation, Xbox Series S & X on October 24th.