Reverse: 1999- An Exciting Time-Travel RPG, Pre-register Now!

Prepare to Stop the Storm in Reverse: 1999

Bluepoch Games just announced that their upcoming time-traveling RPG, Reverse:1999 is finally open for pre-registration. We can do this on Google Play for Android, the App Store for IOS, or through the official website of the game for PC. We will also receive in-game bonuses and a 5-star character for pre-registering the game.

The developers successfully passed the closed beta testing of the game in China and is ready to launch globally later this year.

Reverse: 1999

Reverse:1999 takes place in the year 1999 when a mysterious phenomenon known as the “Storm” begins to reverse the timeline. Players take play as a Timekeeper, a guardian of the timeline. They must travel through different eras to stop the Storm and prevent the world from being destroyed. A team of experienced writers wrote the story which is full of diverse characters with their own unique personalities and full English voice acting.

The game features a turn-based tactical combat system, with players controlling a team of Arcanists, powerful mages who can use elemental magic to defeat their enemies. Players will also need to use their wits to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as they travel through different eras.

It also has a unique art style that combines 2D and 3D graphics. The game uses 2D sprites for its characters and objects, but it renders its world in 3D. This gives the game a retro feel that is reminiscent of classic JRPGs.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and pre-register for this awesome title. And make sure to check out the pre-registration trailer below.