Project Planet- Earth vs Humanity Launched Today on Steam

Save or Destroy Earth in Project Planet- Earth vs Humanity

The wait is finally over! It is time to join the cosmic team and choose to either save or destroy humanity. Fifth Harbour Studios has finally launched their new big party game Project Planet- Earth vs Humanity on Steam today. The game is priced at $24.99 and is currently available for a 20% launch discount. You can also try the demo version now on the same platform.

Project Planet- Earth vs Humanity

Project Planet- Earth vs Humanity is a unique party debut game of the Dutch developer. The game takes place near-future where humanity has caused widespread damage to the environment, and Earth is now fighting back. One player takes on the role of Earth and tries to destroy humanity. While the other five players represent different groups or organizations of humanity and try to survive.

The game is played in four stages, each of which represents a different disaster that Earth can unleash on humanity. It also focuses on the players’ interaction and storytelling. They must work together to survive, but they also have their own individual goals and agendas. This can lead to some interesting and sometimes even dramatic moments between them.

The key features of the game are:

– 1 vs 5-party gameplay
– Destroy Humanity as Planet Earth
– Survive a wide range of disasters as Humanity
– Play as one of 5 Humanity roles, each with unique gameplay
– Answer impossible dilemmas with real-life parallels
– Work together, but also pursue your own interests. In the end, there can only be one winner!
– Use abilities to cooperate with other players, or punish those who don’t act in the group’s (or your own) best interest
– Branching narratives create limitless ways to experience the disasters, no two games are the same.

Overall, it is a unique and thought-provoking party game that explores the complex relationship between humans and the planet.