Epic Games Store Reveals Their Next Free Game: Godlike Burger

“Godlike Burger” Will Be Epic Games Store Next Free Title From October 5th to 12th

The Epic Games Store continues to delight gamers with its free offerings. In the latest announcement, “Godlike Burger” takes the spotlight, becoming available for free on the Epic PC marketplace from October 5th to 12th.

This quirky game thrusts players into the shoes of a maniac chef, creating the universe’s best burgers with a surprising secret ingredient – the customers themselves. In addition, as you run the restaurant, cook up delicious burgers, and fend off waves of aliens, the mantra is clear: leave no witnesses uncooked.

Godlike Burger Epic Games Store

For those who haven’t claimed their free games yet, “Model Builder” and “Soulstice” are up for grabs until October 5th. “Model Builder” offers a creative simulation experience, allowing players to cut, assemble, paint, and customize various models. Meanwhile, “Soulstice” immerses players in a dark fantasy story filled with action and epic boss battles.

Get ready to master your chef skills in “Godlike Burger” for free on Epic Games from October 5th, until October 12th. Make sure you stay tuned to see what new titles Epic Games will offer for free in the future. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity!