‘Ebenezer and the Invincible World’ About to Bring Holiday Joy in November

Ebenezer and the Invincible World- A Christmas Carol in Action

Are you planning to honor Christmas in your heart and try to keep it all the year? Then we have a very exciting news for you. A new game inspired by A Christmas Carol is approaching us this holiday season. Ebenezer and the Invincible World is a hand-drawn Metroidvania fantasy that reimagines Charles Dickens’ classic ghost story.

Orbit Studio and Play On Worlds came together to develop this game. Moreover, it will release on 3 November for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and, Xbox Series X/S.

Ebenezer and the Invincible World

Experience a timeless holiday tale featuring the iconic Ebenezer Scrooge in Ebenezer and the Invincible World. His recent encounter with the ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come has opened his eyes. Now, Ebenezer takes on an unexpected role as a beacon of hope for the downtrodden souls of Victorian London.

With his new ability to see the invincible ghostly world, he helps wandering spirits to attain peace. But his quest will have obstacles as well. Casper Malthus, the wealthy industrialist aims to crush the working people. Ebenezer embarks on a perilous journey into a mysterious realm in a valiant effort to protect the oppressed and vulnerable.

Ebenezer also has spirits under his sleeve to summon them whenever he needs them. They have their own skills and abilities. These spirits will help him fight against evil phantoms and Malthus’s private guards. The game features puzzles, rare items, as well as a unique world-building.

Ebenezer’s story is a reminder that it is never too late to change. No matter how dark our past may be, we can always choose to make a better future. So, are you ready to step into his shoes and take up all the responsibilities?

Make sure to check out the official release date trailer.