The Best Indie Christmas Horror Games To Play This Holiday Season

The Best Indie Christmas Horror Games On Steam

We all know that the holidays are about festive feel-good moments with your friends and loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your scares in too! This Christmas holiday, go on a terrifying adventure either solo or with some friends. These also make fantastic small gifts for the person in your life who you think deserves a little bit of coal. Check out the best spookiest indie Christmas themed horror games.

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Rampage

Starting off our list with a not so scary game, is Viscera Cleanup Detail: Santa’s Revenge. Here you’re tasked with simply cleaning up the Santa’s workshop over at the North Pole, but oh my, what’s happened here? There’s an awful lot of blood everywhere and everything is a mess in general. Clean up the workshop and find out the reason behind the bloody disarray. And you can do it with friends!

Christmas Horror

Santa Claws 

After so many years of delivering presents to children, it was only a matter of time before eventually, good ol’ St. Nick would absolutely snap. Left alone on Christmas, you’ve got a few rules to abide by – go to sleep by midnight and do NOT eat Santa’s cookies! Will you be a good child this year and abide by the rules to see another day or will you test Santa’s patience and feel his wrath? And for $1.19 CAD, you might as well test your luck!

Christmas Horror

Nyctophobia: Devil Unleashed 

It’s the Christmas holidays and you’re probably back at home visiting family but you’ll always have a bit of downtime where you don’t want to socialize with relatives or you’ve just got nothing to do. As a challenge to yourself this holiday, you’ve decided to investigate a said to be haunted asylum. While things are looking pretty normal, if not spooky, at first, things quickly go downhill and you’ll find out the reason why this place is abandoned.

Christmas Horror

Christmas Horror

Nothing says happy holidays more than being selected as the child whose soul is to be taken by Santa Claus himself! He only needs two more days to prepare for the ritual giving you some time to prepare for your grand escape. As a short horror FPS, find a way to escape, kill jolly St. Nick or be sacrificed to lengthen Santa’s life.

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