Diablo 4 Annual Expansions Confirmed by Franchise Head

Diablo 4 Annual Expansions Promise a Thrilling Future for the Franchise

The future of Diablo 4 is starting to come into focus. The head of the franchise suggested that fans can expect a new expansion for the game every year. Rod Fergusson, the general manager of Diablo, hinted at this exciting development during an interview with Dexerto.

When asked about the game’s long-term support, Fergusson responded, “I mean, obviously, that’s like how long is a piece of string. But, you know, it’s years and years. That’s the thing we’re focused on.” He emphasized that the initial game launch and the first season are establishing a solid foundation for future growth.

Diablo 4 quarterly report

Fergusson shed light on the studio’s strategy, stating, “So, as we look at our quarterly seasons, and we look at our annual expansions, those are the things that we’re really focused on for our live service. We’ve got plans, we have storylines that go well into the future.” This commitment to continuous improvement and expansion is undoubtedly good news for Diablo 4 fans.

As we eagerly await the game’s second season, Season of Blood is scheduled for release on October 17. Blizzard has promised many exciting new features, including a Questline, potent Vampiric Powers, and additional endgame bosses with unique item drops.