Deflector Battles Viruses Today on Xbox and Switch

Anti-Viral Violence 

Prepare to enter a microscopic world. A microscopic world full of bullets to dodge, enemies to defeat, and DNA to evolve. Of course, just because players are shrinking doesn’t mean the firefights are small. Today, developer Arrowfist Games is happy to announce the release of their bullet hell roguelike, Deflector, to Xbox and Switch consoles. Inviting players to a microscopic world, the game allows players to battle alien-like enemies as they try to save the world from a deadly virus. A press release delves into all the tiny details. Additionally, players can check out the release trailer for a glimpse of the action.

Deflector Early Access

Deflector places the player in control of a specimen. Importantly, players will have access to an entire roster of specimens, each with their own unique playstyle. As such, each specimen has its own abilities, and players will get used to them as they perish over and over again. Of course, as a roguelike, players are expected to fail quite a bit. Yet, each failure provides players a chance to upgrade individual specimens with DNA collected during runs. Excitingly this system filters into the free-flowing upgrade system that not only allows players to choose specific branches of upgrades but combo them together.

Of course, Deflector throws players into non-linear levels in which they will face a variety of enemies. These enemies are as alien-like as any and will ensure players are caught up in intense firefights. Yet, they aren’t the only thing looking to stop the player. Gamers will discover that the alien environments they explore are full of dangers full of dangerous flora and traps. 

Deflector is out now on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S. Additionally, the game is coming to PlayStation later this year. Currently, the game is also out on Steam