Boyhood’s End Bringing Serialized Sci-Fi Horror to Steam

An End, A Beginning 

Imagine if your life was given a value score. This score determines everything about your existence, from romantic interests to careers. Well, prepare to step into a horrific sci-fi world where this concept is reality. PLAYISM is happy to announce that it will be co-publishing WSS Playground’s serial sci-fi horror game, Boyhood’s End. Releasing to Steam Early Access in the Autumn of 2023, the game invites players to follow the lowest-rated human in the entire human race. Of course, this results in some harrowing consequences and a massive adventure. A press release provides more details on the game and how it will release. Additionally, a character trailer allows players to see the art style of the game. 

Boyhood's End

Boyhood’s End introduces players to Giovanni the lowest-rated human in existence. In this world, where every human is given a rank by the mechanical overlord R. Karellen, being a low rank is very determinantal. After A.I. and Humans alike begin attacking him, Giovanni must embark on a universe-spanning adventure, taking over a driverless train on the galactic railroad. Importantly, he won’t be alone. In fact, Giovanni teams up with the highest-rated student in the Gymnasium: the eccentric genius Campanella.

Together, the boys will travel the galaxy. Of course, they have a goal, find the Crimson Southern Cross at the edge of the universe. However, they will be encountering more trouble than they’d hoped for. As the boys, players will adventure through the galaxy, meeting historical leaders, solving puzzles, and unlocking deeper conversations about where childhood ends. Interestingly, players can get a look at the game’s art style and gameplay in the character trailer. 

Boyhood’s End is releasing on PC via Steam Early Access in the Fall of 2023. It will be released serially with chapters releasing every 2 months after launch.