PlayStation 5 Console Bundles See a $50 Price Drop

Selective Playstation 5 Console Bundles See a $50 Price Drop Until September 30th

PlayStation 5 enthusiasts in the United States are in for a treat as Sony recently unleashed a wave of discounts, slicing a substantial $50 off select console bundles. This move by Sony has sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community.

One of the standout deals is the Modern Warfare 2 PS5 bundle, which previously boasted a price tag of $539.99 but can now be yours for a wallet-friendly $489.99. Gamers can snag this deal until September 30 through PlayStation Direct’s online store. Not only is it available there, but major retailers like Best Buy and Walmart have also joined the price-cut party, offering this bundle for the same enticing price of $489.

For those who fancy some Final Fantasy action, the PS5 Final Fantasy 16 bundle is also enjoying a $50 discount. You can grab this epic deal for just $509 at Walmart or $509.99 at Best Buy.


Additionally, the Horizon Forbidden West bundle has received a generous price slash, dropping from $549.99 to a more accessible $499.99. Unfortunately, this particular bundle is flying off the shelves and is currently out of stock, so keep an eye out for restocks.

Moreover, GameStop is in on the action, offering a $50 discount on select PS5s for in-store shoppers until September 29. While European gamers have seen more aggressive price cuts, these reductions in the US are a welcome sight for PlayStation fans.

With exciting discounts like these, it’s an excellent time for gamers to dive into the world of PlayStation 5 and explore a treasure trove of gaming adventures. So, gear up, because the gaming season just got a lot more affordable!