Untamed Tactics Is Out Now- Check Out the Launch Trailer

Explore the Beautiful World of Untamed Tactics

Ravenage Games just released their new tactical RPG game Untamed Tactics and its launch trailer. Embark on a journey with colorful animal characters. But mark our words, these animals stand ready to accompany you as loyal companions or present themselves as formidable adversaries. The game is now available on Steam and GOG. You can grab it for a 15% discount on both platforms right now.

Untamed Tactics

Get ready to be captivated by the mesmerizing universe of Untamed Tactics. It is an RPG that places a strong emphasis on narrative, developed by the same team behind tabletop Untamed Feral Factions.

Immerse in the story of Greycoat, a brave warrior in search of redemption, whose recollection of past events might not shine as brightly as before. Alongside a vibrant cast of powerful and varied animal companions, set out into the perilous yet enchanting Wilds. You should also prepare yourself for exhilarating conflicts against wicked foes. Above all, establish unwavering bonds of companionship, and strategic choices that will mold the path of your fate.

Every section of this breathtaking journey reveals an individual tactical odyssey, all taking place within a splendid 2D environment. Witness the flawless combination of an engaging linear narrative campaign with a procedurally generated universe teeming with stunning depictions of enchanting creatures. Set your creativity free as you personalize your party, embellishing every hero with distinctive Runes and Abilities that will awaken their powers.

Make sure to check out the launch trailer below.