Lara Croft Joins Call of Duty in Upcoming Update

Lara Croft Is About to Step Into the Call of Duty World This September 

In a groundbreaking move that’s sure to set the gaming world abuzz, the iconic Tomb Raider protagonist, Lara Croft, is gearing up to make her mark in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone. As part of the highly anticipated Season 5 Reloaded content drop, Lara will step onto the battlefield as a formidable Operator.

Call Of Duty Season 5 Reloaded

Joining Lara in this electrifying lineup are rapper 21 Savage and the battle-hardened Mace from the first Modern Warfare installment. The trio’s arrival is set to shake up the gameplay like never before.

Lara Croft enthusiasts and gaming aficionados can rejoice as they await the Tracer Pack: Tomb Raider Operator Bundle, scheduled to drop on September 8. This comprehensive bundle is a true homage to the adventurer, featuring not only Lara herself but also a host of exciting extras.

But that’s just the beginning. 21 Savage will blaze his own trail in the game starting August 30 with his exclusive Tracer Pack bundle. And fans of the franchise can look forward to the imminent arrival of Mace in September, completing this powerhouse trifecta.

Get ready to lock and load, as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 officially hits the scene on November 10. With Lara Croft and her comrades by your side, the battlefield is about to become even more intense, strategic, and legendary.