The smartphone-friendly games that are actually worth playing

There is a strong argument to suggest that smartphone gaming isn’t actually worth it. From the smaller screen size to the limited gameplay many titles offer, the reviews aren’t always the best. It does have its merits, though, particularly for gamers who want to play a range of games on the move.

Make no mistake about it, while it isn’t exactly new in the modern environment, it’s easy to forget just how impressive smartphone gaming is. Gone are the days when Snake dominated this particular category of gaming, instead being replaced by a wave of enhanced products. People explore console-quality games like Fortnite on a mobile phone device before playing on their browser on websites like McLuck.

While the smaller screen size and the gameplay issues we’ve mentioned above are some notable complaints many diehard gamers have regarding smartphone gaming, it’s impossible to ignore just how far this more accessible gaming option has come. Now, people everywhere are dipping in and out of a comprehensive selection of games. Some of them are worth exploring in more detail, while others aren’t. We’re focusing on the very best products here, though.

The most popular games in recent times

In the same way that the PC and console gaming categories have more popular games than others, the same applies in the smartphone gaming sphere. Not everyone enjoys every single smartphone release, with some console games simply failing to translate over to the mobile category of gaming successfully. Thankfully, some games have managed to do it with a great deal of success, though. One of them is certainly PUBG Mobile, the much-loved battle-filled masterpiece that has taken the world by storm. The free-to-play favorite has perfectly adapted to mobile to provide one of the best marathons you can possibly have on a portable handheld device. Genshin Impact is another release that has made a successful jump over to mobile. The open-world favorite is an action-role-playing game with so much to offer, as gamers explore Teyvat in great detail and complete a range of engaging quests. Sandbox classic, Minecraft, is another superb release that’s now thriving on smartphone devices. The immense detail it provides represents one of the best gaming escapades you can possibly have on a modern-day phone.

Although some of the most in-demand games have come from other areas of gaming, there are some seriously good games that have been occupying the mobile arena for quite a while. One of them is Subway Surfers, a top title that provides plenty of chaos as gamers aim to escapade an angry ticket inspector and his dog. Among Us is another product that has recorded notable results in recent times, with gamers everywhere teaming up to rumble the killer in the pack. While it isn’t for everyone and the momentum surrounding it has slowed down a bit, the unique augmented reality package available through Pokemon Go makes it another standout release. The fact that players can explore an outside space and catch Pokemon, take down gyms, and a whole lot more is hugely impressive. In fact, it’s a game-changer.

A few superb alternatives

One reason behind smartphone gaming’s evident growth is due to the abundance of games people can play. While the aforementioned options are some of the most popular, there are some other products that deserve your attention. They include Call of Duty: Mobile, Clash Royale, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, and Arena of Valor.