Super Space Club Combining Lofi and Arcade Shooting Today

Arcade Action 

Sometimes there is nothing better than just vibing out and blasting some bad guys. Especially when you get to destroy your enemies with some lovely beats in the background. Today, Jamaican solo developer GrahamOfLegend is happy to announce the Steam release of their arcade space shooter, Super Space Club. Set in a vibrant world with chill, lofi music, in the background, players can expect a unique arcade experience. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out the launch trailer for a glimpse of the game. 

Super Space Club

Super Space Club invites players on a journey to the far reaches of space. Players can choose from different characters, ships, weapons, and more as they race through space. However, it isn’t all just chilling and flying. Players will need to put those weapons to use as they fight off endless waves of enemy spacecraft. Importantly, different pilots bring different skill sets to the table For instance, Roscoe excels at stealth and taking out ships with ship-seeking rockets, whereas Olly goes loud with fireworks explosives. With 100’s of combinations of characters, ships, and weapons players can surely find the playstyle that fits their runs. 

Of course, the entire game is set to a chill lofi soundtrack despite the challenging gameplay. Players are able to get a look at Super Space Club and its soundtrack in the release trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Super Space Club is available now on PC via Steam. Currently, the game is available for $19.49.