Smite Introduces A New Avatar the Last Airbender Crossover

Welcome the Benders Back to the Battleground 

The battleground of the gods is welcoming back one of its biggest crossovers. This time, players can look forward to seeing the greatest earth-bender to ever live stomp her way into the fight. Today, Hirez Studios is excited to announce the arrival of the latest crossover to their MOBA, Smite, reintroducing Avatar the Last Airbender (ATLA) to the game. After previous successful ATLA crossovers, Hirez is bringing the newest skins to the game in the form of fan-favorite Toph and Avatar Roku. A press release provides more details on the newest crossover. Additionally, players can check out the new collaboration video for a better look at what awaits them. 


Smite is bringing ATLA back to the battleground. This time everyone’s favorite little monster, Scylla, is becoming the greatest earth-bending prodigy of all time: Toph Beifong. At the same time, the Jade Emperor Yu Huang is becoming the famed Avatar Roku himself, alongside his adopted dragon Fang. Furthermore, players can also get their hands on a recolor of Toph with her Fire Nation skin for free after unlocking 3 elements from the Avatar event. 

Of course, alongside the arrival of these two legendary character skins, players can look forward to a whole new arena. Smite is introducing the Fire Giant’s arena. For the first time ever, the Fire Giant is leaving Conquest, setting the arena map ablaze. Players will battle not only the enemy team but the fire giant himself. 

Currently, Smite is available for free on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.