Pokemon Company Prioritizes Quality Over Release Schedules Says COO

Pokemon Company COO Assures Quality Comes Ahead of Release Schedules

New video games are often released by The Pokemon Company. In the last year, three significant Switch games—Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl—have been launched.

These new releases have garnered significant attention and excitement from long-time fans and franchise newcomers. With each game offering unique gameplay experiences and captivating storylines, the Pokemon Company continues to captivate players worldwide with its innovative and immersive video game offerings.


If there is a precise timeline for the release of future games, Takato Utsunomiya, the Pokemon COO, was questioned about it. In response, Utsunomiya said that while the company tries to produce new and exciting games regularly, quality is given precedence above rigorous release timetables. Through this strategy, they can guarantee that every game lives up to the audience’s high expectations and preserve the franchise’s stellar reputation.

Apart from this, Pokemon have also given a clue about their future destinations, such as the Sword and Shield, through their wallpaper. The wallpaper featured in the announcement of Sword and Shield hinted at a new region inspired by the United Kingdom, with iconic landmarks like Big Ben and rolling green hills. This subtle teaser generated even more excitement among fans as they eagerly awaited the release of these highly anticipated games.