Killing Floor III Confirmed at Gamescom 2023

Step Onto the New Killing Floor

Prepare to enter the world of Killing Floor once again. This time, players will take the fight to a bioengineered army of monsters once again. However, this time they are completely obedient to the evil corporation that created them. That’s right, today Tripwire Interactive is happy to officially announce the third installment in the Killing Floor series with Killing Floor III. For over fifteen years, the series has allowed players on PC and consoles to slaughter Zeds and enjoy years of post-launch content. A press release provides more details about Killing Floor III. Additionally, an age-restricted trailer gives players a glimpse of what awaits them in this new game. 

Killing Floor III

Killing Floor III reintroduces players to the same world as the first installments, seventy years after the second game. Now, the megacorp Horzine is in control of an endless army of Zeds. Importantly, humanity’s last hope falls on a band of rebel specialists known as Nightfall. As Nightfall specialists, players will team up with up to five other players and battle endless hordes of Zeds across a war-torn and shattered dystopia. Of course, this third game will feature a whole new assortment of unlockable perks, weapons, and more as players fight their way through this future. 

Importantly, players can check out their very first look at the game in the new age-restricted trailer. View the trailer below. 

Killing Floor III is currently in development for PC Steam, PlayStation®5, and the Xbox Series X|S. So, are you ready to slaughter some Zeds?