GRIME II Reveals Its True Form At Gamescom

In Perfect Form 

Prepare to become a thief, not of things, but of forms. It’s time to step into the role of the formless once again and venture across a brutal and deadly world. That’s right, Clover Bite is happy to reveal the sequel to their hit metroidvania Grime at Gamescom. The sequel, Grime II, is reintroducing players to the world of the original game but in a whole different setting. Of course, players will be able to experience all of their favorite things about the first game, obviously with an entire game worth of new content. A press release delves into some of the details of the new game. 


Grime II places players back into the surreal metroidvania world of the first game. Full of danger and darkness, players take on the role of a formless. Interestingly, these formless have the unique ability to absorb creatures and summon molds in their shape. Of course, this will be your greatest strength as you traverse the lands in platforming style, battling enemies and bosses. Additionally, as players adventure, they will discover that the world is diverse and full of unique characters and cultures. 

The player character’s ability to morph is only one of their tricks. Importantly, players will also have a wide variety of weapons and abilities at their disposal. All of this combined with their ability to choose different morphs allows players to develop their own unique playstyles. In the end, how you want to play will be up to you, as long as it helps you defeat the challenges that await you. 

Grime II’s release date is yet to be announced. Additionally, the platforms will also be announced at a later date, though the game can currently be found on Steam