Green Hell Releases Starts Hoarding With New Update

A Green Hell Mode of Transportation 

Surviving in the jungles of the Amazon requires a great deal. Perhaps most importantly it requires efficiency in both movement and inventory management. It’s a good thing then that these concepts are about to become a lot easier. Today, Creepy Jar is excited to announce the latest free update for their survival sim, Green Hell. The update, titled the Storage and Transportation Update, allows players to move items too big for their backpacks, as well as update the way they store things at home. A press release provides more details on the update. Additionally, players can check out the new trailer for a glimpse of what the update has to offer. 

Green Hell

Green Hell invites players into the darkest, uncharted, depths of the Amazon Rainforest. Playing as the main character, Jake, players need to find ways to survive after being left for dead. Of course, to survive players will need to do whatever it takes, channeling their inner wildman. This includes, hunting, fishing, crafting, and befriending the Amazonian tribes living in the jungle. Importantly, managing travel and inventory quickly becomes essential to survival. Luckily it’s about to get a lot more intuitive. 

Green Hell’s Storage and Transportation Update is bringing a host of new content to the game. For instance, players can look forward to new modes of transporting resources such as the sled, for dragging heavy objects, and the elevator for lifting heavy objects. Additionally, new storage methods like shelves, baskets, stands, and more. Furthermore, new string and removing mechanics and animation updates are also arriving with the update. Check out the new trailer for a glimpse of all the storage goodness. 

Green Hell is currently available on PC, via Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles. The new update is currently out for the PC version of the game.