Gord Exits the Darkness to Release Today

Leaving the Dark to Enter the Dark 

A grim fantasy world awaits. Chock-full of darkness, danger, and nightmares. Of course, to survive, players are going to need a strategy because in this world everything wants you dead. Today, Covenant.dev and Team17 are excited to announce the release of their dark fantasy strategy game, Gord. Inviting players to a world full of monsters, players take charge of a small settlement and aim to ensure its survival. A press release provides more details about the game’s release. Additionally, players are able to check out the launch trailer for a glimpse of Gord and all its glory. 


Gord places players in the lead of the Tribe of Dawn. The tribe, a surviving people amidst the world of monsters, is aiming to expand the influence of the light through settlements called Gords. Facing monsters from Slavic folklore it is up to players to strategize how to live. Of course, the Gords grow as players progress. Importantly, this means that players can grow their settlement from a humble little village to a mighty fortress capable of withstanding any attack. Interestingly, the monsters aren’t the only threats. Players must build a settlement that can withstand other tribes, and threats from within, and even deal with a unique sanity system that threatens the tribe with madness. 

Of course, players can check out the new launch trailer for a glimpse of the game. Importantly, the trailer allows players a look at the gameplay and art style of the dark world of Gord. View the trailer below. 

Gord is available now on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. So, will you lead the Tibe of Dawn to glory and light? Or will you succumb to the darkness?