Dead by Daylight Announces Alien Crossover

The Xenomorph Arrives to Dead By Daylight

The fog is about to get a lot more deadly. A long-awaited, and much-requested, killer is coming to the world of the Entity. That’s right, today Behaviour Interactive is excited to reveal the next official chapter for their isometric horror game, Dead By Daylight: Alien. The suffocating silence of space is introducing the Alien franchise to the fog and bringing with it a collection to look forward to. Though very little information is currently available, Behaviour provides a small teaser revealing the title of the chapter. Additionally, the teaser does give the players a look at the famed Xenomorph.

Dead by Daylight

With the introduction of Nicolas Cage in the most recent patch, Dead by Daylight has brought a real-world survivor to the fog. Now, the game is aiming to return to its horrific roots once more. Not only is Alien one of the most recognizable horror franchises of all time, but it also fits with the previous killer’s aesthetic. Of course, this aesthetic is sci-fi horror bent on killing humanity. However, The Singularity was a monster of Behaviour’s own design. The Alien, of course, is not. 

More information is coming out about the Alien Chapter on August 8th. For now, players are left to speculate on exactly what the chapter will bring with it. Evidently, the killer will be the Alien itself. However, the survivor and map are left completely to the imagination for now. A safe bet for the chapter’s survivor is Sigourney Weaver’s famous heroine Ripley. Yet, there is a chance it could even be Ripley’s daughter Amanda from the hit horror game Alien: Isolation. But, everything besides the Xenomorph itself is currently a mystery. 

Check out the trailer below for the first glimpse of the Alien chapter in Dead by Daylight. 

Dead By Daylight is currently available on SteamPS5PS4Xbox OneXbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.