Blue Wednesday Hits the Right Notes With Release

A Musical Journey Through a Blue Wednesday

Music tells stories. This is obvious. But what happens when music is blended with narrative to make a different type of story? It’s time to find out. Today, Indie game developer and publisher Buff Studio is happy to announce the release of their narrative adventure game, Blue Wednesday. Out now, the game invites players to step into the shoes of a jazz musician on a heartfelt journey that combines narrative and min-games to tell its story. A press release provides all the right notes on the game’s details. Additionally, an official trailer from months ago gives players a glimpse of the game itself. 

Blue Wednesday

Blue Wednesday follows the life of Mr. Morris. A jazz musician in Evans City, Morris has a very particular goal in mind: master the piano. Of course, living in the city means that there are many, many, people for him to interact with. Importantly, these interactions are where the true story of the game exists. These interactions provide players with the chance to discover key moments in Mr. Morris’s life. Interestingly, the game turns these moments into the mini-games where the actual gameplay shines. 

Additionally, Blue Wednesday gives players a chance to collect different pieces of sheet music. Importantly, the choices players make during the game will change the types of sheet music that appear to them. Of course, this gives the game replayability as players should strive to get all the different music. Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at the jazzy style of Blue Wednesday. 

Blue Wednesday is out now for PC on Steam. So are you ready to face the music?