Against the Storm Brings A Makeover With Sealed Forest Update

Let the Storm Wash Away

Everyone loves a makeover. In fact, even more so when that makeover is for a newer feature to a fan favorite game. Today,  Eremite Games and Hooded Horse are happy to announce a new patch for their  RTS city-builder, Against the Storm. Arriving to the fan base of over 600,000 players, the newest update for the game is bringing an overhaul to an existing feature of the game: The Ancient Seals. A press release provides more details about the patch. Of course, the patch is bringing a number of new updates to the game. 

Against the Storm

Against the Storm invites players to take control of a brilliant city of light in a world of constant storms. Importantly, this is a world of danger and it is up to players to ensure that the city survives amidst the darkness around it. There are multiple tasks that players will need to ensure are completed in order to survive. For instance, researching new technologies, developing their settlements by leveling up buildings, and even exploring the environment around them. 

The new update introduces several new things to the game. Firstly, the update introduces players to an entirely revamped biome in the form of the Sealed Forest. The Sealed Forest is an uninhabitable corrupted area full of danger. Additionally, players can expect to encounter this biome whenever they mount an expedition to repair a failing Ancient Seal. Furthermore, players can expect new buildings, new music tracks, and new plagues. More information is available on the patch notes

Against the Storm is available now on Steam Early Access.