Plague Breaker Infecting Steam With Release Today

A Classic Style 

Mixing classic style and modern mechanics often makes for a great game. Especially when the classic style is heavily influenced by Castlevania. Of course, an RPG aiming for a classic experience needs some classic inspirations. Today, Wozzy Games is happy to announce the release of their roguelike RPG, Plague Breaker. Releasing today, after two years of Early Access, the game harkens back to the original RPGs from the golden era of games. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, a release trailer gives players a glimpse of the art style and gameplay. 

Plague Breaker

Plague Breaker introduces players to a procedurally generated dungeon full of danger. Importantly, players can select from four distinct classes, each with branching skill trees containing over sixty unique skills. Of course, this means players can truly customize their character to their play style. This will be important as they face off against undead horrors, corrupted plague doctors, and boss battles galore. Additionally, players don’t have to go it alone. The game allows players to adventure with a friend in split-screen co-op. 

Furthermore, players can get a glimpse of Plague Breaker, its gameplay, and its art style, in the release trailer. Players can check out the trailer below. 

Plague Breaker is out now on PC via Steam. Importantly, players can currently purchase the game with a 10%  launch discount. So, are you ready for a classical adventure through a dungeon? Then grab a pal, and prepare to break a plague with sheer power.